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Legacy Driving School has made everything convenient for you when it comes to obtaining driving training. We have done this by designing our course in such a way that it becomes very easy for you to acquire the training you need to learn driving or to improve your driving skills.

Our driving program is divided into two parts. The first part is an e-learning course that offers Ministry Certification Program on Beginner Driver Education (BDE). In this part you are required to complete an online course consisting of 20 hours of e-learning and it is followed by 10 hours of Homelinks (homework). By doing so, you complete half of the training. After this, we offer 10 hours of in-car training where one of our certified driving instructors will help you practice driving and offer the needed instructions on driving skills and traffic regulations.

Cockpit drill includes everything that you need to check before you even begin driving. It includes things like ensuring that your seat position is correct and you have adjusted your mirrors. It includes all the necessary tasks that you are required to do even before you start driving.

This lesson helps you assure that your vehicle is safe to drive. It includes things like making sure that the brakes and other components of your car are working fine so that you can be saved from potential danger.

This includes training on the car controls and instruments so that you are more aware of the functionalities of the vehicle you are driving. By knowing these controls and instruments, you have the ability to use them whenever there is a need.

This equips you with the knowledge of what you are required to do before you press the accelerator and/or brake pad. This trains you on what you should make sure before you even start to accelerate or stop your car.

The right usage of mirrors is essential for you to make an adequate observation to make the right decision. You are also trained on how you can use the mirrors of your cars so that you could be able to drive better.